Online Surveys

DISC’s online surveys have proven benefits for companies and organizations seeking an efficient and cost-saving research method. Our online surveys are designed, administered and analyzed with the same professional attention to detail you’ll find among all DISC products.

DISC online surveys can deliver:

  • Cost-effective survey feedback
  • Real-time responses for faster data analysis
  • User-friendly formats that achieve higher response rates

DISC provides “turn-key” online surveys that seamlessly integrate design, administration, and insightful analysis. In addition, our survey response rates are exceptionally high, with a statistical error rate of +/- 1% and data results with 99% confidence.

DISC on-line surveys can also include:

  • Personalized survey introductions
  • Logo branding on the survey
  • Branching questions based on response
  • Personal access codes for security and tracking
  • Timed reminders

Call or email us today for more information regarding our online surveys and other research services. We are ready to discuss your needs and provide a solution designed to deliver results.