Employee Surveys

There is no question that employee morale and motivation are positively affected by open channels of communication. DISC’s employee surveys facilitate the sharing of views and opinions on a range of issues, helping employers identify concerns and take action before problems arise.

DISC employee surveys can deliver:

  • Essential employee feedback on a range of issues
  • Clear insights into employee morale and motivation
  • Stronger channels of communication between administration and staff

DISC provides “turn-key” employee surveys that seamlessly integrate design, administration, and insightful analysis. In addition, our survey response rates are exceptionally high, with a statistical error rate of +/- 1% and data results with 99% confidence.

DISC measures employee satisfaction in a number of ways, providing answers to questions such as:

  • What is the existing employee culture?
  • How can this culture be improved?
  • What issues need immediate attention?

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