Association Member Polling

What do your members expect from your organization?  How well are you meeting those expectations?  DISC understands that an effective association member survey will reveal key priorities and concerns among members, offering opportunities to improve satisfaction and retention.

DISC association member surveys can deliver:

  • Detailed member feedback that reveals current attitudes and concerns
  • Practical suggestions on how to improve satisfaction and retention
  • Valuable insights for your members based on research data

DISC provides “turn-key” member survey products to local and national associations of all kinds, integrating design, administration, and insightful analysis. In addition, our survey response rates are exceptionally high, with a statistical error rate of +/- 1% and data results with 99% confidence.

DISC is proud to have served clients including:

  • American Truck Dealers Association
  • Stearns Electric Association

Call or email us today for more information regarding our association member surveys and other research services. We are ready to discuss your needs and provide a solution designed to deliver results.